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    Department of Graduate Medical Education
    2017-2018 Resident Benefit Summary


    South Pointe’s Flexible Benefits Program - BeneFlex - allows you to select benefits according to your individual and family needs. Coverage selected under the BeneFlex Program begins from your date of hire. Five contract levels are available for health coverage and three levels of coverage are available for dental and vision coverage. During the calendar year, you are eligible to change your BeneFlex selections within 31 days of a “life event” (such as marriage, divorce, birth, etc). South Pointe also provides an annual open enrollment period so that you have the opportunity to customize your BeneFlex options as your needs change.

    South Pointe offers you the choice of two different health plans:
    • Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan: As a two-tier point-of service plan, your level of coverage is determined on how you access in-network and out-of-network providers. The highest level of coverage will be achieved when you receive service from a member of the Community Physician Partnership (CPP). The plan provides open access while at the same time encourages employees to utilize Primary Care Services without the need to obtain a referral. There is no copayment for services provided by a primary care physician. There is a $35 co-payment (of allowed charges) for specialist visits. Tier 2 providers consist of members of the Cleveland Health Network (CHN).
    • SummaCare Health Plan: Structured as an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). A Primary Care Physician is required. Under this plan you are able to utilize providers in the Summa care network in addition to Cleveland Clinic providers. The physician office visit co-pay is $15; 100% coverage for inpatient and outpatient procedures. 


    The Cleveland Clinic Prescription Drug coverage is included in each of the above health plans and is structured the same regardless of which plan you choose. Administered by CareMark, the prescription program provides short-term (retail) drug coverage and a mail order program, based on a formulary. The prescription plan will have a front-end deductible of $100 per each family member with a maximum of $300 per family.

    • Members who use designated Cleveland Clinic outpatient pharmacies will pay a reduced percentage for short-term and long-term (90 day supply) prescriptions. See Human Resources for more information.



    In order to meet the dental care needs of you and your family, three dental plan options are available under BeneFlex. Under the Traditional and Preventive plans, you can use any general dentist for your services but if you utilize a CIGNA provider your co-payments will be less due to the discounted rates the CIGNA network provides have agreed to accept. 

    • Traditional Plan: Deductible of $50/person and $150/family, then coverage at 100% for preventative care, 80% for basic services (in-CIGNA network), 70% (out-of-CIGNA network) and 50% for major sevices such as crowns and bridges. Maximum annual benefit is $1250 per person (in-CIGNA network) and $1000 (out-of-CIGNA network). Orthodontia is covered at 50% with a $1000 maximum lifetime coverage.
    • Preventative Plan: Deductible is the same; 100% coverage for preventative care, 80% for basic services, no major sevices such as crowns or bridges, and no orthodontia. Maximum annual benefits is $500 per person.
    • CIGNA Dental HMO Plan: The CIGNA Dental Care Plan is a Dental HMO with no charges for most preventative services, no deductibles and no annual or lifetime maximums. Under this plan you must utilize providers who are part of the CIGNA Dental HMO network.           


    The Cleveland Clinic offers the EyeMed Vision Care Plan which provides the flexibility to purchase eyewear and/or contact lenses from your provider of choice, but also maximizes benefits by using providers who are part of the EyeMed Vision Care network. Additionally, once you use the benefit, you can receive discounts for additional pairs of eyeglasses and/or contact lenses purchased.

    • Vision exams are covered under the health care plan and are subject to a $25 co-pay.


    • Core Life/AD&D: The basic plan is paid in full by South Pointe Hospital
      • Full-time employees: two times annual base salary
      • Part-time employees: one time annual base salary
    • Supplemental Life:
      • Full-time/Part-time employees are eligible to apply for additional coverage up to four times their annual base salary.
    • Dependent Life:
      • Full-time and Part-time employees may purchase dependent life coverage of $25,000 on their spouse and $10,000 on each dependent child.



    You may elect to deduct a portion of your earnings on a pre-tax basis for health care and dependent care expenses. If you enroll in a Medical and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account you will automatically receive a PayFlex Debit Card to pay for your eligible FSA expenses directly at the point of service. The FSA annual contribution limits are:

    • Health Care: up to $5000 annually for reimbursement of health care expenses not covered through a health care plan.
    • Dependent Care: up to $5000 annually for reimbursement of dependent care expenses.



    If you are a full-time employee with one continuous year of regular, full-time service, both Short Term and Long Term Disability Coverage are designed to provide financial security for you in the event you suffer from a (non-occupational) disability.

    • Short Term Disability (STD): Short term disabiltiy is provided as a core benefit, which means that as a full-time employee, the benefit is totally paid for you by South Pointe Hospital. When on an authorized leave of absence, the STD benefit provides up to 26 week of income protection at 70% of your base salary.
    • Long Term Disability (LTD): In the event your medical condition continues beyond the short-term disabilty period, you may be eligible to receive benefits from the Long Term Disabilty Plan. The core LTD benefit, which is paid for by South Pointe Hospital, will pay you 60% of your base salary up to a monthly maximum benefit of $7500.
    You are not eligible to participate in the employer paid pension plan during your residency. After your residency, if you are hired into a regular status employed physician position, you will receive pension service credit for your time as a resident.
    To assist you in your retirement savings, you are eligible to defer a portion of your earnings on a pre-tax basis. You are not eligible for any “employer” matching funds during your residency. After completion of your residency, if you are hired into a regular status employed physician position, any service credit will be applied to the two year waiting period to be eligible for employer matching funds.
    Employee Assistance Program
    The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides up to eight confidential counseling sessions each year for each eligible employee and their immediate family members for problems such as depression, anxiety, marital or family issues, substance abuse, and legal or financial problems. A WorkLife Services Program is also available through the EAP to help you balance your personal and professional life. The EAP and WorkLife Services Program are provided at no cost to employees.
    Paid Time Off (PTO)
    All residents receive 20 working days of Paid Time Off per program year. Paid Time Off is inclusive of vacation, sick and holidays. Holidays worked will not be deducted from the resident’s Paid Time Off balance. For these purposes, holidays include residents who are post call; on-call; or scheduled for an ER shift. Scheduled Paid Time Off is subject to the approval of the Program Director and Director of Medical Education. Appropriate forms or electronic MedHub requests must be completed and submitted to GME within 60 days of requested absence. Paid Time Off cannot be carried over from one program year to the next. Holidays are scheduled at the discretion of the Program Director, program faculty and chief residents. The Department of Graduate Medical Education approves all schedules.
    Educational allowance
    Residents receive a maximum $2,400 each year of residency except their final year maximum of $1,800 allowance for reimbursement of educational equipment and supplies such as textbooks, journals, medical equipment, as well as membership dues (AOA or specialty college memberships as required by your program).  Residents will be reimbursed for such expenses upon proof of purchase.  Graduate Medical Education reserves the right to deny reimbursement of any item deemed ineligible under these criteria.  Residents may appeal to GME any of these exclusions with program director permission.  To guarantee reimbursement, pre-approval of expenses is recommended. These monies may not be carried over from one program year to another. It is the resident’s responsibility to monitor the balance of this allowance.
    Educational Conferences

    Residents may be required to attend specialty college conferences as stipulated in their respective Residency Basic Standards. A travel allowance will be provided for registration, hotel, per diem and airfare. All travel must be pre-approved. South Pointe’s travel policies apply in all instances, including, but not limited to mileage; meal per diem; hotel and airfare. Please request a complete copy of the policies before any travel arrangements are made. Expenses will not be reimbursed if these policies are not followed.


    Professional liability insurance is provided to all Residents only for rotations included as part of the program’s curriculum. This coverage is not extended to elective rotations, activities conducted on your own time even if such activities occur on hospital premises (i.e. moonlighting).
    Coverage applies to employees while performing within the scope of their employment. Coverage applies to all CCHS eastern-region facilities and Marymount Hospital. 
    PGY-1 residents are not permitted to engage in any moonlighting activity within the hospital, outside institutions, or private offices.
    PGY-2 through PGY-6 residents may engage in moonlighting activities as long as they conform to all AOA and ACGME rules governing work hour limitations; have a valid Ohio State Medical License (not a Training Certificate); and have a valid DEA certificate (not a hospital-issued DEA number). All residents participating in moonlighting activities must be credentialed through the Medical Staff Office and obtain the approval of their Program Director and the Department of Graduate Medical Education. Credentialing through the Medical Staff Office is also required. A work schedule must then be submitted verifying compliance with the AOA  or ACGME work hours rule.
    Under no circumstances can moonlighting activity interfere with the residency obligation and must not occur during residency work hours. This includes moonlighting while on-duty.
    Residents are responsible to pay for all meals. Residents will receive a $35 per pay supplement to offset the cost of meals while on in-house call. 
    Residents will be provided with one to two, embroidered lab coats each program year. Laundry service is provided.

    Residents are required to obtain a Training Certificate from the State of Ohio Medical Board.  You must have a valid training certificate or permanent license at the start of each academic year. Failure to comply will result in a delay of completing the training program and corrective action, please refer to the GME resident manual.

    All logs and service evaluations are due by the 15th of the following month.  Timely submission is required to receive credit for the service. Failure to submit these required documents may result in suspension from the current service. Additional days will be added to the end of the program year for any suspended time. Graduation certificates will not be distributed until all delinquent logs and evaluations have been completed.


    • Employee development programs offered through the Center of Leadership and Learning
    • Direct deposit/preferred rate loans
    • Employee health service
    • Child care referral services
    • Employee activities and discount program


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