Plus One NMM Residency Curriculum

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Plus One Residency Curriculum


ONMM 2 Rotations


13 rotations, including:

1 month longitudinal inpatient NMM rotation

1 month block inpatient NMM rotation

4 months ONMM outpatient

1 month orthopedics

1 month pain management

1 month sports med

1 month ONMM out-rotation: Hospital NMM for OB/Peds

3 months electives from the following:

diagnostic radiology

musculoskeletal radiology

family medicine

internal medicine


hospice and palliative medicine



pediatric PM&R


sports medicine



podiatric medicine   

bariatric medicine 

out-rotation NMM elective

NMM research month: may be scheduled longitudinally or as a one month rotation 



Please see the block diagram tab. Plus One residents will be entering the in the ONMM 2 year.  Rotations will be adjusted to meet the residents individual needs in fullfilling the residency standards. 


  • NMM Ambulatory Clinic is a key component of NMM residency training. Our clinic is busy, and we regularly see babies and children, OBGYN patients, and geriatric patients.  We care for patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and systemic diseases.  You will learn an osteopathic approach that includes the full range of treatment options, from muscle energy and HVLA to visceral and cranial osteopathic approaches.
  • Our Hospital NMM Consultation Service uses two formats: a focused one month rotation, and when not on an inpatient NMM service,  a longitudinal rotation throughout the rest of the ONMM-2 year.    
  • A one month inpatient  NMM  combined OBGYN and pediatric rotation is completed as an away rotation in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  • The NMM Plus One resident participates in a formal NMM longitudinal teaching/faculty development curriculum, at first assisting and then directly teaching MS-1 under the supervision of NMM certified faculty, in collaboration with OUCOM, with regular verbal feedback and bi-annual written evaluations.





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