Emergency Medicine Residency Program Curriculum


    Four Year Curriculum:


    OGME 1:

    During the first year of this four year program, the resident will complete the following rotations:


    OGME 2:

    During the second year of residency, the resident rotations include emergency medicine at the various affiliate hospitals. They will be assigned 20-22 shifts per month. They also will spend time at South Pointe Hospital doing hospital-based cardiology, ICU, radiology, anesthesia and internal medicine. The resident also will spend one month in the emergency medicine department at Akron Children's Medical Center. The resident in this year will begin to take on responsiblity for teaching medical students.


    OGME 3:

    During the third year of residency, responsiblity in the clinical setting is increased. The resident will spend time rotating ICU, neurology, ENT, ophthalmology, and OB/GYN. The majority of the rotations are spent in the emergency department where they will be assigned 18-20 shifts per month. The resident will also complete a trauma rotation at MetroHealth Medical Trauma Center for a one-month rotation. The resident will also complete a one month rotation at the county's Life Flight services. This  service is based out of MetroHealth Medical Center and services all of Northeastern Ohio.


    OGME 4:

    The final year is focused on the emergency medicine aspect. While on emergency medicine they will be assigend 16-18 shifts per month. They will be assigned to LifeFlight for a second month experience. They will have two months of elective rotations.  




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