Medical Student Rotation Descriptions




 2-4 weeks
 Intensive Care Unit
 2-4 weeks
 2-4 weeks
 2-4 weeks
4 weeks
Surgery/Vascular (must have completed Gen Surg) 
 2-4 weeks 
Surgery/Plastic (must be MS4)
 2-4 weeks


Descriptions of Rotations:




This rotation will provide the student with a broad and comprehensive exposure to anesthesiology. Each student will be involved with all aspects of the pre, intra and postoperative care of the patients under the supervision of a resident or attending physician. The student must apply for this rotation on the South Pointe Hospital GME web page. The application will be sent to Dr. Laskey who will interview each student before acceptance to the rotation. Between June and December, Dr. Laskey will only take fourth year students who are auditioning for a residency spot. January through April third and fourth year students may apply for a rotation of 2 weeks.



Martin Laskey, D.O., Rotation Coordinator and Program Director

Michael McClain, D.O.

Joseph George, D.O.



Emergency Medicine: Note: These rotations are reserved for Ohio University students based at South Pointe Hospital

This rotation is an exciting introduction to a busy community hospital emergency department. The student will be assigned incoming patients where their diagnostic skills will help them evaluate their patients, and learn to diagnose and treat the acutely ill. Students will also have the opportunity to manage several patients simultaneously. There will also be exposure to trauma during this rotation. The student will be assigned to various shifts and must be available to accomodate the schedule.


Michael Kelley, D.O., Program Director

Armand Eusanio, D.O., Rotation Coordinator

Amy Arnold, D.O.

Jonathan Klein, M.D.

Jeremy Edmiston, D.O.



Family Medicine: South Pointe Primary Care Clinic - NOTE: These rotations are reserved for Ohio University students based at South Pointe.

This rotation is completed in our South Pointe Primary Care Clinic. Our Family Medicine residents staff this clinic. The student will receive a well-rounded understanding of the day-to-day operations of a primary care clinic. Students will be given the opportunity to evaluate patients and carry out appropriate treatment under the guidance of the residents and D.O. physician faculty. Each student will be assigned a topic to present at the end of his or her rotation. The Family Medicine residents and preceptors meet each Tuesday at South Pointe Hospital for their didactic programs. These consist of various outside speakers, journal club, case presentations and skills labs.


Richard Garwood, D.O., Program Director

Lili Lustig, D.O.

Thomas Schalcosky, D.O.




This rotation will emphasize the physical diagnostic skills, diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac procedures as related to the cardiac care of the patient. Students will work up assigned patients and attend rounds. This is considered an Internal Medicine rotation, thus the student will be required to attend IM Morning Report. The student will be assigned a case presentation for the end of his/her rotation period. The student will also be assigned a weekend to come in and round on internal medicine patients.



Chad Raymond, M.D.

Mark Pace, D.O.

Monica Khot, M.D.



Intensive Care Unit:

This rotation provides the student with experience in ventilator management as well as hemodynamic monitoring. Students will be involved in the initial work up and evaluation of each patient admitted to the ICU. The student will be required to make rounds with the ICU physician daily or more frequently as needed. The medical student will also be required to attend Internal Medicine Morning Report and take one weekend call.



Andrew Liu, D.O.

Andrew Garrow, M.D.

Raymond Salomone, M.D.




This is an elective rotation within the internal medicine department. The student will learn and be given the opportunity to formulate diagnosis by assimilating clinical findings, lab results and procedures. The student will be expected to perform along with the residents and attending physicians in daily rounds. This being an Internal Medicine rotation, the student will need to attend IM Morning Report and present a case presentation at the end of the rotation. 


Paul Turowski, D.O.



General Medicine - Note: These rotations are reserved for Ohio University students based at South Pointe hospital.

The general internal medicine experience will expand the student’s knowledge and competency in internal medicine by working as a team with the interns and residents in managing hospitalized patients. Students will oversee the management of three to four patients under the supervision of the interns, residents, and attending physician. The student will be expected to take part in rounds, educational conferences, and lectures. The student will be given a topic for presentation at the end of his/her rotation.


Jane D’Isa Smith, D.O., Program Director

Elizabeth Habjan, D.O.




This is an elective rotation, which is designed to combine bedside rounds and teaching in the pulmonary laboratory. Students will learn to correlate pulmonary function tests with clinical findings. The student will participate in fiberoptic bronchoscopy and will gain knowledge in diseases such as COPD, pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, ARDs, and other pulmonary conditions. IM Morning Report is required for this rotation, with an assigned presentation. 


Andrew Liu, D.O.


Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment:

The student will be exposed to the history and theory of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. The rotation will include methods for conducting a structure exam, interpretation based on objective criteria and techniques to treat somatic dysfunction. Evaluation of students is required on a regular basis in order to attain competency. The student will be required to attend each OMT conference and assist the preceptor as a table trainer.



Katrina Rakowsky, D.O., Program Director



Orthopedic Surgery:

The objective of this rotation is to give the student the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system. The student will take part in consultations, rounds, surgical procedures and post-op care. The student will also have the opportunity to participate in the trauma cases in the ED. The student will be given daily assignments at the Ortho Morning Report. For this rotation, the student must have access to a dependable car, as many of the assignments are off campus. This rotation is a four (4) week rotation.

Audition rotations only from July through November. Four-week elective rotations ONLY from January through June.



Robert Hampton, D.O., Program Director

David Krahe, D.O.

Richard Masin, D.O.



During this rotation the student will be able to expand their knowledge with respect to radiographic procedures, anatomy and physiology of organ systems and pathologic processes as shown on the diagnostic radiology studies and in selecting procedures most appropriate in the diagnoses of their patients. Shifts vary between the hours of  8:00a to 9:00p and students will be assigned as the radiologists are available.


Aqeel Chowdhry, M.D.

Kerry Sullivan, D.O.



Surgery/General - Note: These rotations are reserved for Ohio University students based at South Pointe Hospital.

Through participation in this rotation, the student will increase his/her knowledge base in preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative care. They will be under the direct supervision of the residents and attending physicians. They will learn operative techniques, anatomy, physiology, and pathology. The student will also have an opportunity to expand their manual skills, while assisting in surgery. The staff meets for morning report for daily assignments. Students are expected to complete a presentation at the end of their rotation.


Roger Classen, D.O., Program Director

Rick Gemma, DO

Carl Jackson, M.D.

Thomas Santoscoy, M.D.

Shukri ElKhairi, M.D.




After completion of a General Surgery rotation the student may elect to do a Vascular Surgery rotation. Besides assisting in surgery, the student will also partake in daily rounds, consults, and time spent in the surgeon’s office. This rotation will expand on the previous learned surgical skills, giving the student an opportunity to work one-on-one with our vascular surgeon and fellow.


Jeffrey Stanley, D.O., Program Director



Surgery/Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

This is a fourth year elective and the student must have successfully completed a General Surgery rotation. The training in this area will include repair, replacement and reconstruction of defects in form and function. Emphasis will be placed on one or another phase of plastic and reconstructive surgery, such as skin and soft tissue tumors, hand surgery and aesthetic surgery. It will be neccessary to have a car or arrange for transportation to complete this rotation. Much of this rotation is off-site.


Mark Foglietti, D.O., Program Director



Elective Rotations outside of South Pointe Hospital:


Students will attend orientation at South Pointe Hospital and Internal Medicine morning report before following the directive of Dr. Koletsky.


Richard Koletsky, M.D.

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