Information and Elective Rotation Application


   Welcome Medical Students!


Dear Medical Student;

Cleveland Clinic South Pointe Hospital is pleased to provide you with this Medical Student Manual. Within this manual, you will find information pertinent to your rotations at our hospital. It includes information about our institution, rotations, policies and student responsibilities.

The rotations we offer will complement your education and provide you with an opportunity to evaluate potential residency programs.  

Important elective rotation information can be found here. Please read this information carefully before completing the electronic elective rotation form here. Elective rotations are not audition rotations. Our staff will notify you by email if the rotation is available and what documents need to be submitted by your school before the rotation can be confirmed.  

Our hospital has served the community for over fifty years. In 1994, we merged with the Meridia Health System, which became part of the Cleveland Clinic Health System shortly thereafter. The Cleveland Clinic  is our sponsoring institution. Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine - OUHCOM  is our OPTI and the OUHCOM Medical School Cleveland Campus provides our residents with the opportunity to teach and interact with medical students. We accept audition rotations and interviews with 4th year medical students from throughout the country.   

Thank you for your interest in our rotations and residency programs. Our goal is to assist you in becoming a well educated osteopathic physician.


Martin Laskey, DO
Chair of Education









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