Plus One NMM Residency Program

Dear Residency Candidates,


Welcome to South Pointe Hospital's NMM residency program. We have been training NMM residents for the past 7 years. Through this website we will share with you our Plus One NMM program overview and curriculum.

We currently have an AOA approved Plus One NMM program, and have recently received ACGME pre-accreditation. We are excited about the opportunities available at South Pointe and invite you to get to know our program!

Please be aware that NMM Plus One and ONMM-2 residencies are both advanced standing residencies. It is expected that applicants are well prepared for NMM training, through work with osteopathic mentors, study groups, workshops, or other means, and have been expanding their understanding of anatomy and osteopathic principles and practices in the years preceding application.

If you are interested in training in our Plus One NMM residency, and would like to set up an audition rotation, please Julie Boehm at  

I would be happy to answer any remaining questions about our program. Feel free to contact me at


Katrina C. Rakowsky DO

Program Director: ONMM-2 Residency


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