Curriculum - 5 Years

 PGY 1:

The first year of the program the resident will complete the following rotations, primarily at South Pointe Hospital:

  • Anesthesia (one (1) month)
  • Adult Reconstruction (two (2) months)
  • Emergency Medicine (one (1) month)
  • General Surgery (one (1) month)
  • Internal Medicine  (one (1) month)
  • Medical Intensive Care (one (1) month)
  • Orthopedics (four (4) months)  
  • Vascular Surgery (one (1) month)

PGY 2:

  • South Pointe Hospital Orthopaedic service  - six (6) months. Residents will spend time in the physician offices of Drs. Hampton, Masin, Krahe and McLaughlin, evaluating patients and developing treatment plans under the supervision of the osteopathic faculty. They will be assigned first call for the emergency room. They will assist in surgical cases at the affiliate hospitals such as Hillcrest Hospital, a high volume level II trauma center, and the Twinsburg Family Health Surgery Center.
  • The second year residents take responsibility for organization of the weekly Fracture Conference. They will present chosen cases and lead discussions with the students, residents and faculty. During this year they will begin to have responsibility in the teaching of the medical students assigned to orthopaedic surgery. 
  • Main Campus Cleveland Clinic Orthopedic Pediatrics service - two (2) months under the guidance of Drs. Goodwin, Kuivila, Gurd, and Ballock. Residents will learn the finer points of pediatric orthopedic care. 
  • Spine rotation two (2) months at Hillcrest Hospital with Drs. Butler and Benzil
  • Orthopaedic surgery at Hillcrest Hospital - two (2) months
  • Residents will take part in the AO Basic course sponsored by AO North America. This course reviews internal fixation devices.
  • The Prosthetic and Orthotic Course is held in March during this year, which is sponsored by OUCOM/CORE and is mandatory for all OGME 2 residents.    

PGY 3:

During this year the residents assume more responsibility for the office, floor and surgical patients. 

  • Hillcrest Hospital inpatient Orthopaedic service - two (2) months under Drs. Billow and Bloomfield where there is exposure to trauma, and joint replacement. 
  • South Pointe Hospital - six (6) months where residents spend time in the physician offices of Drs. Hampton, Masin, and Krahe, evaluating patients and developing treatment plans under the supervision of the osteopathic faculty.
  • Hillcrest Hospital - two (2) months of spine with Drs. Butler and Benzil.
  • Residents continue with first call for the emergency room. They assist in surgical cases at the affiliate hospitals (Hillcrest, South Pointe) and surgery center (Twinsburg). 
  • Pediatric Orthopaedic service at Akron Children's Hospital - two (2) months  
  • The PGY 3 resident will be responsible to complete the ATLS certification during this year.
  • The resident attends the Boston Orthopedic Path Course sponsored by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Harvard Medical School held in the spring of each year.

PGY 4:

The PGY 4 year will provide the resident with the opportunity to work and learn from subspecialty orthopedic physicians.

  • Orthopaedic trauma in Golden, Colorado with the Panoramic Orthopedic group, covering various hospitals including a level 1 trauma center. This is a three (3) month rotation with Drs. Rowland, Patel, Desai, McNair and Deol. Housing is provided including food at the hospital.
  • Pediatric Orthopaedic is completed at the Cleveland Clinic during this two (2) month rotation with Drs. Goodwin, Kuivila, Gurd, and Ballock.     
  • Hands/Upper extremity rotations are provided at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus.  The resident spends a total of two (2) months on this rotation with Drs. William Seitz, Maschke and Evans.
  • Musculoskeletal Oncology rotations, two (2) are held at Main Campus. with Drs. Mesko and Nystrom.
  • Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is a two (2) month rotation at Cleveland Clinic with Drs. Saluan, Spindler, Miniaci and Farrow.
  • Elective rotations: the resident has a one (1) month elective of their choice within the Cleveland Clinic hospital system and affiliates
  • Attendance at the annual AOAO meeting is required at least once during the residency and is usually attended during the fourth year. 

PGY 5:

  • The final 12-months is spent entirely at South Pointe hospital and it's affiliate hospitals (Main Campus, Hillcrest Hospital and Twinsburg Surgery Center). 
  • The fifth year residents share the chief resident responsibilities.  This includes scheduling the morning didactic lectures, call, skills labs, journal clubs, and medical student rotations. 
  • Residents primarily cover all of Drs. Hampton, Masin, Krahe and McLaughlin cases in conjunction with the assigned resident. 
  • Provide backup call for junior residents and take call with interns on service. 
  • Attend the AAOS Board review course in April to prepare for their final exam.   






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