ONMM 3 Residency Application

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Please note:


  • Some of the photographs shown were taken prior to the pandemic, so caregivers are not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Today at Cleveland Clinic, all caregivers are required to wear face masks. Full PPE is also worn as necessary.
  • This video contains footage that was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. We now follow protocols (including social distancing, masking and face shields) to protect our patients and caregivers.




The ONMM 3 residency application is independent of the ERAS system, and is available upon request. Application questions, and completed packets, should be submitted to southpointeommresidency@gmail.com.

Documentation required for the application includes:

  • Demographics form
  • Board exam scores
  • At least two letters of recommendation required, 3 letters preferred
    • For applicants coming directly from another residency, a letter from your program director is required as one of your letters of recommendation.
    • For applicants who are coming from clinical practice, a letter from your direct supervisor, if any, is required.
    • Other special circumstances may be discussed via email.
    • Please note that a letter from an ABONMM/AOBSPOMM board certified/eligible physician is strongly recommended
  • Personal statement, one page in length
  • Medical school transcripts
  • Letter of good standing from your current program (if you are currently a resident at the time of application)
  • Current CV
  • Block diagram of rotations from initial residency/residencies
  • Case log of any OMM performed during initial residency/residencies


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