Our Anesthesia Residency Program incorporates a strong clinical curriculum with numerous hands-on experiences. An academic year is typically composed of 13 blocks, each being 4 weeks in length. Our affiliations with Cleveland Clinic main campus and Akron Children's Medical Center provide exposure to cardiac, surgical critical care, and pediatric anesthesia in all aspects.

BLOCK  PGY-1  PGY-2  PGY-3   PGY-4
 1  General Surgery  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 2  Plastic Surgery  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 3  ER  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 4  Internal  Medicine  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 5  Pulmonary  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 6  Neurology  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia 
 7  Cardiology  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia
 8  ICU  Anesthesia  Anesthesia  Anesthesia 
 9  Surgical ICU  Acute Pain  Surgical ICU  Surgical ICU
 10  Pediatrics  Chronic Pain  Pediatric Anesthesia  Pediatric Anesthesia
 11  Obstetrics  Obstetric Anesthesia  Obstetric Anesthesia  Regional Anesthesia
 12  Anesthesia  Perioperative Care  Cardiac Anesthesia  Cardiac Anesthesia
 13  -  -  Neuro-Anesthesia  Neuro-Anesthesia



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